After severe weather hits, a dedicated post-storm road and debris clearing crew is staged for action to declutter the roads. The clearing gives access to infrastructure so first responders can reach people in need and ambulances can travel to hospitals. This is the first step for communities to start to recover and help people get back to their lives following a storm. Bergeron Emergency Services operates with the safety and welfare of the general public in mind. Ron Bergeron, founder of the Bergeron Family of Companies, implements his core vision of making a difference for others, including saving the Everglades as well as protecting the environment and the wildlife that lives within. Learn more about what happens after the storm.

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ABOUT EYE OF THE STORM: Typically held on-site at MODS annually, the 2020 Eye of the Storm event will live as a virtual series, which allows the footprint to expand beyond South Florida to other states on the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard at risk to a hurricane landfall. Hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through November 30, peaking in late August through October.

The Eye of the Storm virtual series, which is FREE to all viewers, will provide valuable information and tips on how to safely prepare for hurricane season. Tune in for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the month of June on MODS’s YouTube channel and social media outlets.

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