Bergeron Emergency Services:
Your Disaster and
Emergency Recovery Specialists

Bergeron Emergency Services has been helping communities recover from devastating disasters and emergency situations since 1992. Our senior management has more than 75 combined years of combined experience that includes hundreds of contract activations and debris management projects as a result of more than 40 major disaster declarations nationwide.

Our OSHA and MOT-certified managerial and supervisory staff, together with experienced specialized equipment operators, have worked directly with local, state, and federal governments to eliminate the middle man, respond quickly, and successfully conduct site management operations while complying with all applicable requirements and specifications.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Bergeron Land Development, we take pride in five generations of service to our clients. With proven experience and maximum efficiency, we provide a tireless commitment to each project’s success and are positioned to provide immediate response, recovery, and restoration of critical services in the aftermath of a natural, man-made and/or technological disaster.

Bergeron Emergency Services has set an industry standard that follows all applicable federal, state and local guidelines for emergency work. Since many of our clients have not been impacted by a disaster before, it is our goal to not only return safety back to their communities but to help them navigate the often-cumbersome Public Assistance Program to ensure maximum reimbursement.