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“The Bergeron Emergency Services team was very professional and compassionate when dealing with citizens and their concerns following Hurricane Michael. They are great to work with and very thorough – nothing was overlooked.”

Rhonda Lewis, Director
Liberty County Emergency Management

“I rate Bergeron Emergency Services’ response to Hurricane Irma a 10 out of 10 for their experience, ability to resolve problems and the quality of their work. They are a very professional operation.”

Sandy Luongo, General Services Manager
Town of Southwest Ranches

“Bergeron’s constant communication before, during and after Hurricane Irma provided a true sense of confidence in the task before us. They are a proven and experienced disaster response team that will exceed a customer’s expectations at every turn. ”

John Archambo, Director
Customer Relations
Solid Waste Authority

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“Bergeron’s experienced team was always clear in communications with us and deployed compliant debris removal operations and key controls that should greatly assist our reimbursement potential with FEMA throughout the state. Within just days following the landfall. Bergeron mobilized enough equipment and crews to have our Town cleaned up within all the first pass compliances.”

James S. Titcom, Town Manager
Town of Ocean Ridge

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“Within 24 hours of Notice to Proceed (NTP), Bergeron mobilized five cut-and-toss crews to open the main road throughout the city. Within 72 hours following Hurricane Irma’s landfall, Bergeron mobilized enough pick-up and haul crews to have the city cleaned up in 45 days with two full passes.”

Albert J Carbon III, P.E., Public Works Director
City of Oakland Park

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“Thank you to Bergeron Emergency Services for getting our Pembroke Pines neighborhood back to normal following Hurricane Irma. Bergeron holds true to their word, honors their contracts and puts communities first. Awesome job!”

Sean Knowles

“Thank you to Bergeron Emergency Services. While other contractors fled to areas paying more after Hurricane Irma, Bergeron kept their word and honored their contract with the City of Pembroke Pines.”

Ryann Greenberg
Pembroke Pines Community Leader

“Hurricane Matthew left widespread damage to schools all across Volusia County. Within 24 hours of NTP, Bergeron mobilized over 15 crews who worked tirelessly to return over 30 schools simultaneously back to normal operations within 48 hours. Because of the relationship between our School Board and Bergeron, we were able to maximize our reimbursement from FEMA and the State of Florida.”

David Biletto, Environmental Coordinator
Volusia County Schools

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The ice storm left much of the state in complete ruin. Upon notification, your firm immediately responded and worked tirelessly to assist both our project managers in the field and our municipal representatives. Because of the partnership between our Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Bergeron “Emergency Services, we were able to maximize our reimbursement from the FHWA and FEMA. Your adherence to all local, state and federal guidelines helped us tremendously with issues that might have otherwise been unsuccessful or overlooked.”

Tony Wilder, Commissioner
Office of the Governor, Department of Local Government
Kentucky Ice Storm 2009

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“In late January 2009, the state of Kentucky was hit with a devastating ice storm that caused widespread damage and generated a significant amount of tree related debris along our roadway system. The Bergeron staff was very accommodating and kept in constant contact with all applicable KYTC staff as to work progression, work changes, specific needs, etc. The project staff took great pride in their work and made a superb effort at ensuring our needs were met on an daily basis.”

Kyle M. Poat, P.E., Transportation Engineer Supervisor
KY Department of Highways
Paducah, KY

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“Within two hours after we called, a representative was in the City assessing the damage and developing a clean-up and debris removal plan. You provided just the right amount of manpower and equipment needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.”

John D. Lavisky, City Administrator
City of Lighthouse Point

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“The communication, project management, organization, professionalism and the overall expeditiously manner in which Bergeron Emergency Services removed storm debris from the right-of-ways throughout the city was impressive. In closing, they were a beautiful addition to the disaster relief services, we anticipate utilizing their services in future disasters.”

Shawn W. Denton, Director of Public Services
City of Pembroke Pines
Hurricane Wilma, 2005

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“Bergeron Emergency Services provided hurricane debris removal services to the Town for several months. Their professionalism, diligence and response to the Town’s every concern were truly appreciated. The town has a contract in place with Bergeron for future debris removal which is the best endorsement.”

Lee J. Rickles, Administrative Services Director
Town of Southwest Ranches
Hurricane Wilma, 2005

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“Upon initiation of your contract by KYTC and the arrival of your crews, we began to realize management staff knowledgeable of the debris management process and adequate resources were now in place to begin our project. …we still completed prior to deadlines set by the FYTC to bring our recovery to expeditious closure. Your crews and staff were committed to the project from their arrival to the closeout.”

Terry Martin, Judge Executive
Hart County, KY

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“The county was faced with many operational issues that your company and the KYTC representatives collaborated on to bring resolve. The KYTC has not seen an ice storm of this magnitude and the assistance your company brought to the table was paramount to our recovery.”

Ashley Higdon, Superintendent II
Grayson County, KY

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“We feel based on your company’s performance and the manner in which the job was executed, we are well on our way from recovering from this devastating event. The team effort between Bergeron, the KYTC monitors and staff,….was the key to an expeditious recovery.”

Gary R. Hill, P.E., Monitor
Christian County, KY

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“Your staff assigned to the Hart County operation made significant contributions to the success of our debris cleanup. We have found Bergeron to be responsive and professional is all aspects of their work. Our experience with Bergeron Emergency Services, Inc., has been very positive.”

Todd Lawler, Superintendent ll
Hart County, KY

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“Once your people got lined out and were able to start work, they did an effective job and worked closely with our maintenance people with as little inconvenience to our guests as possible and we appreciate their efforts in this area. We recommend your people because they were good communicators…. Your people endured and provided good support and got the job done in a professional and timely manner.”

Chuck Tempfer, Park Manager
Kentucky Commerce Cabinet Department of Parks

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