September 2017

22 communities, 2 counties, 1 FDOT district, 1 school board, 1 university, 1 SWA and the State of Florida.

Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricane observed in the Atlantic since Wilma in 2005 in terms of maximum sustained winds. It was also the most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005.  Bergeron responded quickly and in the end had assisted 21 clients covering almost 7,500 square miles.

  • Emergency push operations for 21 applicants covering 7,450 square miles with 75 crews
  • Pickup and haul operations for 24 applicants covering 8,755 square miles with 500 crews
  • More than one million cubic yards of debris removed in 45 days
  • DMS operations at three FEMA approved temporary debris sites
  • Sites opened in less than 72 hours
  • Reduced and disposed of over two million cubic yards
  • Grinding , burning, segregated for reuse
  • Dedicated entrances and exits for truck traffic
  • Tracked via conventional FEMA load tickets – five-part paper and e-tickets
  • Simultaneously coordinated with five separate monitoring firm
  • Maintained traffic flow through DMS sites
  • Returned 81 facilities to normal operations within 48 hours
  • 75% Subcontracted, 15 % subcontracted to small business
  • No lost time, no safety or quality issues, no liquidated damages

“I rate Bergeron Emergency Services’ response to Hurricane Irma a 10 out of 10 for their experience, ability to resolve problems and the quality of their work. They are a very professional operation.”

Sandy Luongo, General Services Manager
Town of Southwest Ranches

“Bergeron’s constant communication before, during and after Hurricane Irma provided a true sense of confidence in the task before us. They are a proven and experienced disaster response team that will exceed a customer’s expectations at every turn. ”

John Archambo, Director
Customer Relations
Solid Waste Authority

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“Bergeron’s experienced team was always clear in communications with us and deployed compliant debris removal operations and key controls that should greatly assist our reimbursement potential with FEMA throughout the state. Within just days following the landfall. Bergeron mobilized enough equipment and crews to have our Town cleaned up within all the first pass compliances.”

James S. Titcomb, Town Manager
Town of Ocean Ridge

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“Within 24 hours of Notice to Proceed (NTP), Bergeron mobilized five cut-and-toss crews to open the main road throughout the city. Within 72 hours following Hurricane Irma’s landfall, Bergeron mobilized enough pick-up and haul crews to have the city cleaned up in 45 days with two full passes.”

Albert J Carbon III, P.E., Public Works Director
City of Oakland Park

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“Thank you to Bergeron Emergency Services. While other contractors fled to areas paying more after Hurricane Irma, Bergeron kept their word and honored their contract with the City of Pembroke Pines.”

Ryann Greenberg
Pembroke Pines Community Leader

“Thank you to Bergeron Emergency Services for getting our Pembroke Pines neighborhood back to normal following Hurricane Irma. Bergeron holds true to their word, honors their contracts and puts communities first. Awesome job!”

Sean Knowles

Bergeron Emergency Services was awarded an Exemplary Service award from the Dania Beach City Commission for its hard work and dedication to removing debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

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Hurricane Irma Beach Restoration, Hollywood Beach, Florida

Hurricane Irma Disaster Recovery and Debris Management